Activities Archive

Public Presentations

INTUG provides speakers at public conferences in various parts of the world. The following is a sample of events INTUG participated over the last 5 years, either chairing, presenting and/or intervening on behalf of business users.


  • OfCom (UK NRA), International Stakeholder forum, London, INTUG VP Nick White participating
  • WTO Forum, Geneva, INTUG VP Nick White speaking
  • 45th Telecommunication and Information Working Group Meeting, Da Nang, Viet Nam, Paul Brislen attending
  • Global Regulatory BT policy discussion, Danielle Jacobs speaking
  • IIR Roaming conference, London, INTUG VP Nick White speaking
  • Workshop ITU/ETNO on future regulations, Brussels, Danielle Jacobs attending
  • INTUG meets Vodafone and Orange, Brussels, Danielle Jacobs and Nick White participating
  • INTUG meeting, London
  • OECD CISP-47, Paris, INTUG VP Nick White participating
  • OECD CISP-48, Paris, INTUG VP Nick White participating


  • Spectrum Conference, Houses of Parliament, London
  • OfCom re BEREC, London
  • IIR Regulatory Forum (speaking)
  • Roaming Conference, Brussels (speaking)
  • INTUG Conference/meetings, Hong Kong, Huawei visit, China
  • OECD CISP-45, Paris
  • ITU Geneva
  • OfCom International Stakeholder Forum, London
  • IIR Carrier Ethernet conference, Amsterdam, Nick White chairing user panel
  • EURIM meeting with Robert Madelin, European Commission, London
  • Meetings with Malcolm Harbour MEP, and with BEUC and ECTA
  • Mobile Roaming Summit, London, Nick White speaking, Brussels
  • INTUG meeting, Brussels, including meetings with Anthony Whelan, European Commission and half day workshop with Vodafone and Orange
  • Broadband Breakfast, UK Parliament, Nick White participating
  • ECTA Regulatory Conference Brussels, Danielle Jacobs speaking, Nick White attending


  • Meetings in Brussels with European Commission, ERG Survey
  • Universal Service Workshop, Brussels
  • INTUG Conference, Madrid
  • Meeting with CTO, London
  • OECD CISP, Paris
  • Meetings with Vodafone/Orange and Commissioner Kroes
  • European Commission Round Table on Digital Agenda in London
  • Network Neutrality Seminar, London
  • EURIM Parliamentary Conference, London
  • Mobile Roaming Conference, London (speaking)
  • European Commission consultation on Broadband, London
  • ECTA Conference, Brussels
  • OECD CISP, Paris
  • INTUG Conference, London


  • European Parliament Workshop on Roaming in Brussels
  • VIB Conference on NGA in London
  • ECTA Regulatory Conference, Brussels
  • APECTel Conferences in Singapore and Mexico City
  • ITU World Telecom Policy Forum and IP Com in Lisbon
  • OECD CISP meetings in Paris and Conference on Cloud Computing
  • TUANZ Conference by on-line video link to New Zealand
  • European Policy Forum meeting on Telecom regulation
  • World Roaming Conference in London
  • CITEL (Americas Telecom) meeting in Buenos Aires
  • CMA Conference in London
  • ICANN Conference in Seoul
  • Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Sharm-el-Sheikh
  • EU Visby Agenda conference (Sweden)
  • OfCom International Stakeholder Forums, London (several)


  • European Policy Forum (twice) in Brussels
  • AUTELSI seminar, Madrid
  • MEP Workshops on Framework Review, Brussels (twice)
  • VIB Regulatory conference, Brussels
  • Financial Times Conference, London
  • ECTA Conference, Brussels
  • Number portability conference, Bucharest
  • Global eBusiness Dialogue, San Francisco
  • APECTEL, Lima
  • OfCom International Stakeholder Forums, London (several)
  • UK Conservative Party Technology Forum, chaired by MEP
Document submissions

INTUG submits responses to international consultations on key issues and voluntary papers to international conferences. These documents can be found on our Positions page.