Algeria takes steps towards generalized ICT environment

Our Algerian correspondent reports that, as part of its efforts to ensure connectivity and wide-spread access to ICT throughout the country, Algeria is updating its regulatory framework. Amongst others, a new law has been passed that will allow new providers to emerge, and that opens up the fixed local loop. This will create a more competitive market for internet access networks.

Multiple initiatives for creating an Algerian ICT environment are getting off the ground, including events such as Smart City Algiers, which took place on 27-28 June 2018. At the same time, private companies are embarking on the creation of data centers, for both cloud computing and customer services.

New submarine cables will soon connect the cities of Oran and Algiers with Valencia, in Spain. Together with the upgrade of the SMW4 ramp this will improve bandwidth in the country. Algeria also has its eye on 5G, and is committing human resources from the country and abroad to ensure an improvement in the ICT ecosystem.

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