What We Do

networkingINTUG informs policy makers on the subjects that matter to professional users of communication services. We are keen to help remove barriers for business users when it comes to international telecommunications and ICT solutions. In order to do that, we talk to key people at different organizations on a regular basis.


INTUG holds two physical meetings a year – usually in member countries – in which members and guests share updates on regulatory and service developments in their own countries, and discuss INTUG’s positions and strategy. See our Calendar for upcoming INTUG events.

Public Presentations

INTUG provides speakers at public conferences in various parts of the world (either chairing, presenting and/or intervening). INTUG always participates on behalf of business users. See our Calendar for upcoming events.

Document Submissions

INTUG submits responses to international consultations on key issues and voluntary papers. A list of these documents, among others, is on this page.

Correspondence and Lobbying

INTUG and its members write regularly to government departments in many countries, and to politicians and the media as well, presenting the views of business users of communications services.

This Year's Activities

The following items are, amongst others, on INTUG's actions list for 2013: