International Telecom and ICT User Group

Shaping the Future of Global ICT: The Multifaceted Mission of INTUG

As a global community, INTUG’s mission is multifaceted, aiming to significantly impact the international ICT and Telecommunications sphere. Its objectives include:

  1. Contributing to International ICT/Telecommunications Strategy and Policy Development: INTUG plays a vital role in shaping global ICT and telecommunications policies and strategies. This involvement ensures that the broader community’s interests and needs are considered in crucial policy discussions.

  2. Sharing Knowledge and Experiences on Priority Issues among Participating Organisations: Through a dedicated [link to Participants page], INTUG provides a dynamic platform for sharing insights and experiences. This collaboration helps member organisations stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in the ICT and Telecommunications sectors.

  3. Identifying Priority User Requirements and Communicating Them to Policy Makers and Influencers: INTUG actively discerns key user needs and voices them to the relevant authorities and influencers, ensuring that policy development and modifications are user-centric.

  4. Expanding the Scope, Scale, and Engagement of Participating Organisations Globally: INTUG is dedicated to broadening its reach, involving more organisations in its mission. This expansion not only amplifies INTUG’s impact but also brings diverse viewpoints and knowledge to the community.

These foundational elements of INTUG’s mission are geared towards fostering an inclusive, effective, and user-focused global ICT and Telecommunications ecosystem.